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The Peace Rose 

Margins  2 min 57 se


The Quiet Side of Courage 5 min 59 sec


Sounds and Silence 4 min 58 sec. 


The Joy of Discovery 5 min 11 sec.


Cultivating Community 4min. 13 sec.


What is Your Mindset? 4min. 35 sec 


Cultivating Personal Leadership   5 min 13 sec


What Are You Really Afraid Of?  4min 58 sec  


Take a Mindful Moment  2 min 53 sec  


Look to the light 3min 56 sec 


Compassion and Self-Compassion   3 min 20 seconds 


The Path of Tao is Simple But Not Easy  3 min


The Readiness is All 2 min 42 seconds


Metta Lovingkindness Meditation 2 min 33 seconds


Your Heart is Your Inner Compass 6 min 11 sec