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Thank you for visiting my website.


In my nonfiction self-help books and coaching practice, I offer insights from traditional  worlds of wisdom along with strategies from contemporary psychology and neuroscience to help promote  greater courage, creativity, and hope.


I love exploring the ancient Chinese world of the Tao Te Ching, the green world of medieval gardens, and the dynamic world of the Renaissance—worlds that reveal new possibilities for peace, renewal, and positive action. 


If you're ready to explore new possibilities in your life, I invite you to check out my blog, meditation, and book pages on this site or contact me at North Star Personal Coaching





We live in a world out of balance, filled with natural disasters, economic insecurity, political upheaval, and the escalating stress of daily life. If you're feeling confused and anxious, you're not alone.


Yet a source of hope beckons, like a distant star, from another time of challenge and change. Over 25 centuries ago, during China's warring states period, the legendary sage Lao Tzu found hope by reflecting on the cycles of nature. He left us the Tao Te Ching, a book of 81 short poems inspired by nature's principles, that has helped millions of people find peace in turbulent times.


Drawing upon the vital lessons of the Tao Te Ching, The Tao of Inner Peace shows how to create greater balance in your life by honoring your own inner rhythms, part of the overarching rhythms of nature. You will be able to see beyond current conditions, discover new possibilities, and create greater harmony in your world.



Begin Your Personal Renaissance

If you’re entering a new season of life—experiencing a change in your career or relationship, moving, retiring, feeling blocked, or just wondering what’s next, you may be ready for your own personal Renaissance. Combining the wisdom of Renaissance artists, scientists, and saints with the latest research in positive psychology, my book and coaching offer practical steps to help you create a life of greater joy and meaning.

You will learn how to:
• Discover your personal strengths
• Detach from distractions and self-sabotage
• Discern your deepest values
• Direct your actions with effective goals, pathways, and increased vitality.