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Diane Dreher's Tao of Inner Peace Blog

Self and Soul

We live life on two parallel levels. First there's the Self or ego, our ordinary level of consciousness that can often feel insecure and strives for approval:


As the Tao Te Ching tells us:


"The more we succeed

In pleasing,

The more we fear

Not pleasing.

The more we're ensnared

In ego."


Then there's the Soul that transcends the confines of ego. As the Tao reminds us:


"When we value ourselves

As part of nature

And value nature

As ourselves,

We're at home

In the oneness

Of Tao."

                     ( Tao Te Ching, Chapter  13)


Life's two parallel levels are Self and Soul.

  • On one level, our Self or ego often feels separate, anxious, threatened, sees life as competitive, spends lots of time planning,  worrying, and seeking approval.
  • Yet on another level, our Soul feels connection, comfort, and cooperation, recognizes our oneness with God, nature, the universe, and sees other people as neighbors and potential allies. The Soul opens us up to inspiration and a new creative vision of life.


I invite you to take a few meditative moments now to reflect on this message.


Close your eyes and take three deep mindful breaths.

  • Breathing in, Breathing out.
  • Breathing in, Breathing out.
  • Breathing in, Breathing out.

As you continue breathing slowly and deeply,

  • Feel your shoulders relax, as you breathe out tension, breathe in peace.
  • Then ask yourself, "Where and when have I felt a sense of oneness?" "A sense of Soul?"
  • Was it responding to the beauty of nature, an inspiring work of art, someone you love, the comfort of home, or something else?

Embrace that memory now—breathing in the sights, sounds, and feelings.


Now ask yourself, "How I connect more with the level of Soul in my life?"


I wish you joy on the path.


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