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Diane Dreher's Tao of Inner Peace Blog

The Tao of Oneness

We become one with Tao when we study nature and look within. These two practices are intrinsically linked, for our inner world reflects the world around us. We are one with nature. Its laws are our laws.


The Chinese character for nature or heaven adds two parallel lines to the character for person. In Chinese thought, we are part of nature, intimately connected to the sky over our heads and the earth beneath our feet. To ignore this bond or defile nature is to injure ourselves.


The basic building blocks of existence are not infinitesimal bits of matter as once was thought, but probabilities, dynamic patterns of energy, neither particles nor waves but something in between. By focusing on interdependent energy patterns, quantum physics offers a lesson for human interactions. Each of us is more than our ego-bound limits. We know this the moment we enter a room and sense its subtle vibrations. We breathe the same air, share the same energy with others around us. Their energy and attitudes inevitably touch our own. Life does not occur in isolation. We are all one in Tao.


Please join me in a brief meditation on oneness


  • Take a deep breath and as you release it, close your eyes.
  • Breathing in and Breathing out slowly and mindfully
  • Breathing in
  • Breathing out
  • Realizing that as you breathe out carbon dioxide, this is what the trees breathe in
  • As they breathe out oxygen, this is what you breathe in.
  • Breathing in and Breathing out
  • In dynamic oneness
  • In harmony
  • With nature
  • Feel that sense of oneness

Then when you are ready, gently open your eyes.


I wish you the joy of oneness and connection with all that is.





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